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As a parent who has been sending both of my kids to NORTHSHORE ACADEMY over 7 years in a row, I can say that I can TRUST NORTHSHORE ACADEMY'S directors and staff. Not only do the directors have the background and knowledge about helping all different levels of children, but they also truly CARE about their students as their own. They try to assign teachers for each individual student's study style, personality and character. From the full day summer program to the 1 hour weekly tutor session, they figure out what each student needs and make sure each student achieves his or her goal.

My kids sometimes complain that they have to do extra work outside of school from NORTHSHORE but they both admit they get so much benefit from the ACADEMY, and they appreciate all the help provided by the teacher and directors. My son achieved a very high ACT score from taking classes from NORTHSHORE ACADEMY, and I am proud of him. My daughter is always at the top of all the advanced classes in school and she appreciates the learning opportunities she can get from NORTHSHORE ACADEMY.

I have been recommending NORTHSHORE ACADEMY to my friends, neighbors, and anyone who is looking for a SPECIAL PLACE their kids can get an extra boost of academic skills beyond their classroom. After trying all different learning centers around the north suburban area, from Glenview to Mundelein, I am happy that I chose NORTHSHORE ACADEMY.


— Lisa K. 

As a parent with a full time job and two daughters I am very glad to have chosen NORTHSHORE ACADEMY to help my kids excel at school.


The unique features about this academy are the customization of classes based on my girls' learning paces, the directors' flexibility in accommodating our schedule as unexpected conflicts come up, and how they sincerely treat my kids like their own.


I really enjoyed sharing parenting ideas with the director and really appreciate how she has shared many good tips/advice in terms of what to expect in my kids' academic growth. She understands my girls' learning styles well and has made the effort to provide them the best learning opportunity. After going to the academy for several years, my girls are keeping an advanced lead in school, have gained confidence in tests at school, and have improved their performance.


I highly recommend NORTHSHORE ACADEMY to other busy parents.

Jing M.

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